Letter from GWU Faculty Association

June 17, 2018

Dear Faculty Assembly at Catholic University of America,

The Faculty Association of the George Washington University (GWUFA) extends its full support to the Faculty Association of the Catholic University of America in its efforts to resist the outrageous actions of CUA’s administration.

Faculty at CUA do the work that makes it an excellent institution. Faculty lecture, lead discussions, meet with students, comment and grade papers and exams, and provide academic mentoring that are core functions of university.

In other words, faculty working conditions are student’s learning conditions. Cutting faculty, in any area, damages the university as a whole.

We urge faculty at CUA to organize, resist, and expand your opposition to faculty cuts. We know that organizing works. Our administration, like yours, refused to acknowledge that we existed, or pretended we were a non-representative “pressure group.” We kept asserting our reality at public meetings, recruiting more members, and making our voices heard. Just this year, our university president began acknowledging our existence and partly met our demands on benefits.  We have also taken up many other issues, also with success.

We stand with you in this effort, urge you to stand together, and lend our complete support.

In solidarity,

The George Washington University Faculty Association